Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can I trade my future for some gas in the tank?

Good Lord! Do you dare wish to know the average price for gas in California at the moment? Well for all those brave souls out there, the current average is $2.891, according to the Energy Department's weekly survey of filling stations. It's up 13.5 cents, and because it's the season of summer road trips, prices will raise even higher. 

Now I know it's not as bad as the mind boggling $4.00 a gallon that we all had to endure last year, but what pains me to say is that we are all wasting our money that is putting our nation into further political turmoil.

So what do I propose? Well you should already know the answer. Lying in the midst of a breakthrough is the use of alternative fuel. 

Hello, we already have hybrids and just recently I've seen the new Prius with a solar powered air conditioning system. So don't tell me that we don't have the technology when we do. We all just actually need to start using it.

Other alternatives for those with diesel engines are bio diesel and filtered vegetable oil, vegetable oil being very easy to make and use. And there are plenty of different other options out there as well. 

My point in being, we all need to just try something different than continuing our dependency on oil. Again if not for the ailing environment, do it for yourself and your children. The only way we can fix this problem is to actually go out and fix it.

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