Monday, June 8, 2009

Cutting Knowledge From the Future Generation

First things first, as a Californian, it is important to know that the California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has proposed cutting public spending in almost all areas. The most important cut that has occurred was the slashing of funds that went towards education. California's public schools already trail most states in academic performance and they suffer from high dropout rates. Now they face a historic state budget deficit that is expected to force deep cuts in education funding that will lead to thousands of teacher layoffs, larger class sizes, school closures and a shortened school year.

How does this effect the students you ask? Well let me tell you what has happened to me and my fellow students in the surrounding area.

Currently things have become ridiculously insane around the Cal Poly Pomona campus as all the summer courses have been canceled and our governor attempts to cut more of the educational budget. Currently I cannot take a single summer course that I actually need due to the unavailability.

Classes during the academic year are even scarce to find as well, proof being in the fact that I still can't get into that darn English 105 course after attempting to do so for the entire first year of college! Music majors here on campus have to transfer to other schools because most of all the required courses are being cut as well.

And on the elementary school level, back in Bakersfield where I went for most of my high school career, the entire music program is being demolished from the Fruitvale school district.

So not only is the economy spiraling down the toilet, but the future generations will enter the world of business completely ignorant of all things cultural, retarded from the vital information they so desperately need to function, and so unhealthily obese because the physical education is being cut as well.
So good job govenator, you have completely destroyed the future!

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