Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Health care for all?

We all know that the current state of health care is on the road to change, but what we all don't know is both sides to the argument.

On one side, people say that Medicare is government-funded and government-run and generally patients love it. So what's the problem? Well the doctors say the problem is that Medicare limits how much they can charge. They say doctors are also facing a potential 20 percent cut in their Medicare payments unless Congress acts on the this health care issue, according to NPR. Should we be worried about there not being enough doctors to care for 46 million newly-insured people?

And we all know that this health insurance reform is expensive, but the Congressional Budget Office estimated that expanding health insurance coverage would probably cost a trillion dollars or more over 10 years, depending on unspecified details that were almost sure to add to the price, according to the New York Times.

On the other side of the argument, they say that we waste $100 - $200 billion a year on the high overhead of insurance companies. $200 - $300 billion a year is frivolously spent to doctors filling out forms for insurance companies.

The compliance cost of patients fighting with insurance companies is unknown, but it is speculated to be in the 100’s of Billions. America is speculated to pay the highest drug cost in the world to drug companies that spend twice as much on profit and three times as much on “marketing” as they spend on research. This is about another $100 billion each year. Apparently this new health care plan will allow everyone to have health care insurance at no more cost per person than we are now paying, according to www.pnhp.org .

So should the government stay out of one of the biggest markets out there? Or should it be regulated and available to everyone? Hopefully we don't result in disaster while we sit back to find out.

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