Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why is civic participation so important?

"Full participation in government and society has been a basic right of the country symbolizing the full citizenship and equal protection of all."
-Charles Rangel

Democracy works best when political institutions – parties, parliaments, local government – are close to voters. This requires that voters are able to make their needs understood; elected representatives explain what they are doing to meet those needs; and mechanisms are in place to make this communication possible.

So why is programs like We the People, that encourage civic participation in the process of being cut out of the budget? Is it a sneaky attempt to hinder the future voters of America from having their own opinion on government? Or was this just mistake that should be looked at again?

Either way the budget should include the funding of programs that only help the progress of our nation and that keeps our very way of governing alive. To me this situation is very discerning to hear about. Not education the youth of today about why it is important to participate in their government will provide a disaster for the future. We seem to forget that the future of our nation will rest in the hands of a very uneducated and uniformed people if we stop the education of civic participation.

Voting is one thing, but encouraging people to find out what they are voting on is another. And when our future America falls into the deception that it is alright not to vote our government as we know it will fail. And because part of the government is the people (the states), it is important for the elected officials to fill their role and foster greater participation in order to connect the communities to each other and to the government.

Non-partisan sites that educate people on the happening of our government and our current issues do help in the matter of enlightening others and promoting civic participation, but more is needed. We need to start this education in the schools. Cutting the funding out of the budget will only make matters worse.

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