Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Biggest Issue Right Now Is Education

We now have all experienced the weight our crippled economy with the recent budget cuts for our schools, job losses and massive unemployment and issues involving health care.

And with the rumors that are going around about various departments and programs on campus being cut, students currently in school are experiencing this heavy burden now at a greater level. With students with in the mist of registering for classes, being informed that some of the majors offered at certain campuses will eventually not exist due to a lack of much needed expenses.

Already the classes in every department have been limited to the bare minimum now to the point where a number of students are left waiting for that one class that they need to graduate. Those certain classes that students are never able to register for, due to the overcrowding within the classrooms, often diminish the process of graduating on time. It saddens me to say that some departments will eventually be cut altogether.

Currently the school that is the quickest to drop departments is Cal Poly Pomona due to its very limited budget. Smaller programs such as philosophy and history are up for discussion for being cut within the budget. And even with the thought of certain departments being cut for good on campus, and at other departments being cut at other CSUs, the most disturbing news is that all of these decisions are to be finalized only within the next few weeks.

And because of this situation, in outrage, faculty and students plan a walk out at 11:30 am on November 19, 2009 according to the California Faculty Association. A teach-in sponsored by the CFA and Students for quality Education will inform the people attending the walk out on ways to fight back against this terrible situation.

The event will be located in the main quad in Pomona, and it would act as a demonstration to show that there are people who will not let this issue pass quietly about the mutilation of their university.

And despite $77.5 million being allocated to the CSU system, the budget is still having to be cut and acts such as limiting the number of units students could register during their registration period is still occurring. And the problem isn’t being fixed anytime soon. The state of California is running out of money and the CSU system is weakening by the minute.

I’m concerned to what is to become of our state’s higher education. Fewer classes, majors being cut indefinitely, and less money being available for the shape of education, have painted a grim picture for students both now and in the future.

And the fault doesn’t lie upon the students unlike how the dark anticipation of a system on the verge of collapsing looms about, nor does it drape over the faculty or the CSU system itself.

No, I believe that there are others responsible who are entitled to act and change this horrific spiraling fireball that we relay as the cutting of our education. And surely I suggest to the students to make sure that the people at fault are aware of our dreadful situation.

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