Saturday, December 19, 2009

60th Democratic Vote Passes the Health Care Bill

The wait is over and now President Obama has something to celebrate about over the holidays. Sen. Ben Nelson provided the 60th and deciding vote to pass the health care legislation in Senate.

After a year of revisions, struggle and confusion from some Senators who didn't even know what was in the bill, President Obama's top domestic priority has been completed.

It was said that Nelson made the decision after winning fresh concessions to limit the number of abortions and in insurance sold in newly created changes, as well as tens of million in Federal Medicaid funds for his home state. The Senator also made it apparent that the government-run option wouldn't compete with the private insures.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the revises measure would lower deficits by $132 billion over a decade with a possibility of even more reductions to follow in the decade following. It is estimated that the bill will extend its coverage to 94% of eligible Americans under the age of 65, a total that will exclude illegal immigrants.

Nelson's decision has put Obama and his allies on track by passing this legislation before Christmas despite the unanimous opposition from the Republicans. I just hope that the rest of Obama's check list for the nation will succeed as the health care reform did.

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