Sunday, March 28, 2010

Historic Health Care Bill Passed

If you haven't heard this news by now, then you probably live under a rock. Last Sunday, the historic Health Care bill was finally passed. This is either awesome or really awful news depending on your views. But one thing that has not really been discussed is what is actually in the bill.

The bill will basically allow doctors and patients will have more control over their health care decisions. Insurance company bureaucrats will have less. If you are an American who already has health insurance, your coverage will become more stable and secure. If you are uninsured, insurance will become more affordable.

If you have a child with a pre-existing condition, like diabetes or asthma, he or she cannot be denied coverage by insurance companies. That part of the plan is in effect six months after enactment. In 2014, the prohibition against denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions will apply to everyone.
For seniors, the bill provides a $250 rebate this year to Medicare beneficiaries who hit the "donut hole" in coverage. And next year it eliminates co-payments for preventive services and exempts preventive services from deductibles under the Medicare program.

And from what it seems, it doesn’t look like the government is necessarily "taking over health care." Like anything else we haven’t experienced before, I think we should just try this out. Health care was already a big issue to begin with, why not try and fix it?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guns and Coffee?

The next time you walk into a Starbucks, are you going to have to watch out for gun toting, coffee drinking citizens? Apparently the Coffee chain Starbucks Corp. is sticking to its policy of letting customers carry guns where it's legal and said it does not want to be put in the middle of a larger gun-control debate.

Earlier this month, the company made their statement on the response from the recent campaign by some gun owners, who have walked into Starbucks and other businesses to test state laws that allow gun owners to carry weapons openly in public places. Gun control advocates have protested.

The fight began heating up in January in Northern California and has since spread to other states and other companies, bolstered by the pro-gun group Apparently a lot of the incidents where people came in with their guns were merely spontaneous. But some of the incidents resulted with large groups of people coming in to Starbucks with their guns proudly at their sides.

Now, gun control advocates are protesting the policy. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, launched a petition drive demanding that the company "offer espresso shots, not gunshots" and declare its coffeehouses "gun-free zones." And that group delivered 28,000 signatures to the coffee giant's headquarters in Seattle.

But the Corp. is sticking to its "guns" and allowing the regulars to walk in with their weapons. Starbucks also asked both gun enthusiasts and gun-control advocates "to refrain from putting Starbucks or our partners into the middle of this divisive issue."

Watch the video

Sunday, March 14, 2010

America's Future Is Suffering

America is suffering both economically and academically, and as our government tries to fix our economy at the state level, their proposed budget cuts are causing major problems with schools all over the country. At the college level various majors are being dropped all together, tuition is being raised to unimaginable amounts and classes are being cut across every campus. This trend has even trickled down to the k-12 level as well with physical education classes and music programs becoming ancient history.

I'm really worried about the future of my generation. How is it that we are expected to run the country with the lack of knowledge available to us? There are so many kids out there that would kill to go to college, get an education and find a decent job, but because education is thrown on the back burner every kid in America is screwed.

Just recently Kansas City school officials promised Thursday to shut down nearly half the district's schools by the start of classes in the fall without offering details of how they intend to implement the complicated plan in just a matter of months.

The drastic project also calls for cutting hundreds of jobs and shuffling thousands of students. They have said that the changes are needed to keep the district from using up what little is left of the $2 billion it received as part of a groundbreaking desegregation case.

The school board on Wednesday night narrowly approved the plan that calls for closing 29 of 61 facilities, 26 traditional schools and three leased buildings that house early childhood programs. It also eliminates about 700 of 3,000 jobs and requires moving students from the shuttered buildings to other schools.

And last Thursday, hundreds of faculty and students voiced their concerns about their education in a California March 4th Statewide day of action. It was the result of the culmination of frustrations, lost opportunities, and consequences felt by the people of California due to the misprioritization of our government and the lack of resources into our education system.

This issue really does affect EVERYONE, from the older generation who will have to rely on my generation to run the country, to the generation that will come after us who we will have to teach and provide for as well. It just really sucks that our country has to come to this point. I just hope people are listening out there and that they will do something about it, and quickly.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

9/11 A Big Lie?

Well that’s what Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said on Saturday. Apparently Ahmadinejad called the official version of the Sept. 11 attacks a "big lie" used by the U.S. as an excuse for the war on terror, state media reported.

Now a lot of people, include many American’s, have stated before that they thought the 9/11 attacks were really an inside job. I’m not really one of those people, and I think this is really a result of the continuation of a centuries-old conflict that began before any of us were really born.

At the time, he also told Iranian state TV the attacks were "a result of mismanaging and inhumane managing of the world by the U.S," and that Washington was using Sept. 11 as an excuse to attack others.

He has also questioned the Sept. 11 death toll of around 3,000, claiming the Americans never published the victims' names. Crazy, right? But on the 2007 anniversary of the attacks, the names of 2,750 victims killed in New York were read aloud at a memorial ceremony.