Monday, May 17, 2010

A Revised Budget Plan for California

Governor Schwarzenegger has done it again. Last week, the Governor revised the state's budget which included eliminating health programs and ceasing the increase of funding for it k-12 schools. Home healthcare for the elderly and disabled and the Healthy Families program for low-income children are being cut from the budget as previous efforts at scaling back such programs were overturned.

California is only digging itself deeper and deeper into a hole that will take a while to climb out of. It's true, "California no longer has low hanging fruits," as the governor has stated in his speech on Friday concerning the newly revised budget plan, but eliminating much needed programs isn't going to really help a lot of people now is it?

Schwarzenegger has announced that he would reduce Health and Human Services, including CALWORKs, eliminate 60 percent of funding for Community Mental Health and child care funding except for preschool and after-school programs. He has also proposed downsizing some of our natural resource programs. And the list goes on even further.

Previous attempts to eliminate the vital programs have been reversed by federal courts. The rulings, issued mostly over the last two years, have already forced the state to unwind roughly $2.4 billion in cuts approved by the governor and Legislature and have alarmed other financially strapped states seeking ways to balance their budgets.

Why not tax the oil companies? We are the only one of the 22 major oil states to give the industry a free ride. And we're the third-biggest producer in the country. It's just in times like these; we need all the money that we can get. Not from robbing little old ladies via their health care, but taxing the guys with thousands of dollars lining their pockets. I'm just saying.

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  1. Our state government fails at making a good budget. A terrible budget gets sent to the governor and he has to line item veto funding for all sorts of things to keep California from driving itself six feet under financially. The result is a cheaper budget that is bad for the people...the system is failing again and again to keep itself with a a balanced budget and/or quality services for the people. If it can't turn around and get off this path, then the state will be sent into true financial turmoil and far worse will happen to people.


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