Friday, July 16, 2010

Oil Spill Ceases; Clean Up Still Ahead

After three months of oil gushing into the oceanic waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the oil company British Petroleum finally figured out a way to stop the incredible disaster that they had created. On Friday, a new containment cap appeared to be holding with no signs of oil leaking. But BP is still conducting pressure tests to determine if the cap can stop the Gulf oil spill indefinitely, without damage.

The best engineers in the game dropped a dome over the leak, shot junk into the assembly from which the oil was gushing and stuck a siphon into a leaky pipe. They poked around for months trying to stop or slow the ecologic catastrophe that they had created.
In a way the Gulf oil spill has recast how companies will respond to future deep-sea accidents. Many experts say that we have learned our lesson as far as limiting the risk of future disasters like this, but in a way we really haven’t.

No one declared that we stopped off-shore- drilling. And no one really seems serious about limiting our dependency of oil. Sure we all say that we need to, but I still see people buying brand new Hummers.

For months I have seen pictures of dead animals in and around the gulf. I’ve seen tar covering the sands of our beaches and fisherman suffering from loss of business. Have we really learned our lesson, or have we just “covered up” the problem (pun intended).

And as we clean up the mess that we have made from our dependency of oil, I would like for you to keep in mind that eventually we won’t have oil available to spill into the ocean. We eventually need to find a source of renewable energy, not only because we are killing everything in sight or because it is expensive and cannot be reused. We need to find another solution because eventually there will be no more oil. We either change our ways or we’re stuck. And I just hope we choose to change soon before something like this ever happens again.

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