Friday, July 9, 2010

Survey a Trap for Gays

“Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” went out the window when they started tricking gay and lesbian soldiers into outing themselves. Many gay rights group are warning soldiers not to cooperate with the Pentagon “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” study. Gays in the military who participate in a new survey about repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" could be discharged for outing themselves even after they were assured that the questionnaire was confidential. And not surprisingly the Pentagon denies that survey respondents would run any such risk.

The survey, which Pentagon researchers are planning to send to 200,000 active duty and 200,000 reserve servicemen and women via email, asks soldiers if and how letting gays serve openly in the military will affect morale, according to CNN, which obtained a leaked version of the document.

The survey contains more than 100 questions. Questions like: “Would a repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell" prompt a soldier to reconsider serving in the military?” “Would serving under an openly gay commander adversely affect morale?” And “How would troops feel about sharing a bathroom or open-air shower with an openly gay comrade in a war zone?” were also on the tricky questionnaire.

All gay and lesbian survey takers are advised to take the survey in a manner that does not reveal sexual orientation, but until then, gay and lesbian military personnel have to lay low. The only thing about this questionnaire though is that you can out yourself most likely just by being tolerant of fellow gay service members still living with you or being members of authority.

If the Senate approves the measure this summer, the ban may be retired as early as next year, according to The Washington Post. The surveys are said to be designed to protect the individual’s privacy, but as long as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” exists, gays and lesbians should probably just not take the survey.

Watch Barbara Starr explain the survey.

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