Friday, September 3, 2010

Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

It's unnerving not to know what's going on with your food
behind closed doors.

Imagine your standing in a room with barely any light. The smell of feces fills your nostrils as you inhale a breath of oxygen. You look around and you notice that you are buried in piles of manure stacked up to eight feet tall. Mice scurry all around you and disease runs rampant. These are the conditions inside the hen houses at the two egg farms suspected of causing a nationwide outbreak of salmonella illness.

Federal investigators made their horrific discover public of Wright County Egg and Hillandale Farms, two massive egg producers who have recalled nearly 500 million eggs since Aug 13.

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And if the manure wasn’t enough, the investigators also found dead maggots live flies and the Salmonella bacteria in the water used to clean the eggs as well as the food used to feed the hens.

Holes in building or gaps in structures, which allowed rodents pidgins and other wild animals to enter the hen houses lined the surrounding of where the hens were contained. The FDA has said that the agency will begin inspecting 600 egg-production facilities over the next 15 months to make sure they are complying with new federal rules.

But shouldn’t these inspections have already happened? Why haven’t we mandated these inspections in federal law? We do the same in restaurants, but why not do it where our food comes from?

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