Saturday, September 25, 2010

Seriously, Stop Messing With My Food

I have never recalled waking up in the morning thinking to myself, “wow I could really go for some genetically engineered food right now.” But what if you didn’t know that the breakfast you were craving was genetically modified?

It’s unnatural and disturbing not to know what you’re eating, and according to a poll conducted by the Washington Post, a lot of other people agree with me. An overwhelming majority of people would rather know if they are dinning on Frankenfood. But ignoring the public opinion, the FDA is actually thinking of approving GE salmon that grows twice as fast as the conventional fish and not labeling it as GE product.

So far the FDA claims that they have been researching the “Frankenfish” for 10 years now. But many say that Frankenfish could cause allergies in humans and eventually destroy the already endangered wild salmon population.

No one should have to fear what they are eating. But the way this disaster is turning out, Frankenfish could potentially be the tip of the iceberg to a genetically engineered Frankenfarm. Did someone rip a page out of the novel Brave New World? Way to go FDA, tomorrow the country could be chewing remnants from a lab somewhere and we’ll never know it.

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