Friday, September 10, 2010

United As One Nation

Nine years ago our nation was changed forever. And as the country watched their television screens in utter shock, we stood in fear for our loved ones and when we found out that it all was intentional, we wondered why anyone would commit such an act. But as I sat and watched my world come to a halt for a moment, I never would have thought nine years from then I would still feel as though the county has been ripped apart.

After the attacks on 9-11 our country has come together in the wake of a horrific event, displayed patriotism by mounting flags on car antennas and in yards all over the nation, and for a moment, showed the world what it was like to stand together as the United States. You couldn’t go anywhere after that day without running into a flag flying proudly in the wind. We covered our land from sea-to-sea in the valiant red, innocent white and our perseverant blue. And then one day our attitude changed.

Over the nine years our country has taken down our beautiful flags, we tucked our patriotism away and found ourselves divided. We pointed fingers at our neighbors and replaced the feeling of being united as a country with the feeling of fear.

What happened during the period between our devout patriotism and our current fear? Did we finally let the terrorists win? Why can’t we go back to being united as one nation again before the pointing of fingers and the overwhelming feeling of fear that we hold today? The anniversary of the September 11 attacks should be time for Americans to respect religious freedoms and “rekindle that spirit of unity and common purpose” felt nine years ago like President Barack Obama has said. We are all Americans; ALL of us. And the anniversary is an excellent time to think about that.

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