Saturday, November 6, 2010

Let's Put Education First

A report reveals the state of our education system in California.

One of the many goals Obama has set to achieve while in office was to substantially boost college completion rates by 2020. But after looking at a statewide report on California’s community colleges, it seems as though our students will fall short.

According to the report, “Something’s Got to Give,” large portions of our students at community colleges enter the system unprepared. The report, commissioned by the state community college chancellor’s office, questions the effectiveness of remedial education in the 112 colleges reviewed.

It’s just a scary fact to know as a college student myself that of the 2.9 million people in the California system in 2008-2009, that only about one in 13 transferred to a four-year institution or earned an associate’s degree or vocational certification that year, according to the report.

All of this doesn’t exactly sound too promising for the state of our education system. Obviously there is something going on in the k-12 education system that is not being done to prepare students for colleges and universities.

It’s important that we take all levels of our education system seriously. Holding higher standards for our students once they have already reached the university level isn’t the best way to prepare our next generation for the future. It’s not just their future that is affected by budget cuts and how we instruct our students in the classroom; it also affects both our state’s future and our nation as a whole.

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