Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kill The Stress Before It Kills You

You procrastinated and you have a 20 page report on Shakespeare due tomorrow, you just realized that they don’t serve the espresso truffle anymore at Starbucks and you’re pulling out your hair because you think your dog may have the flu. Just calm down and count to three. Hyperventilating over your barfing puppy won’t make the poor thing any better.
Stress usually creeps up on us when the going gets tough. But what no one considers while they’re yelling at the barista behind the counter is what that high level of stress can do to your health.
Stress can cause painful headaches, sleep problems, decreased immunity and even heart problems if you really let the stress get to you. It’s a silent killer and it wrecks havoc on your life which is why it’s best to nip it in the bud before it becomes out-of-hand.
Here are some tips on how to tackle some of the stress that is piling up in your life.
Exercising is probably the best way to relieve stress from a hard day’s work. Walking, biking or taking fun classes such as Yoga and Pilates has been proven to have beneficial effects on a person’s mental and physical state.
Cut down on the caffeine.
I’m notorious for over doing it on the caffeine. No matter how bad you think that you need it, instead of the 3 extra shots of espresso in your mocha, why not cut it down to a regular cup of Joe. It probably won’t make you twitch anymore and your friends and family will thank you.
Just say no.
Don’t say yes to everything. Volunteering at the shelter and hanging out with the cats is a wonderful thing to do when you have time. But when Fluffy comes before sleep it’s probably best to just say no and start cutting your hours.
Try delegating your responsibilities at work, or sharing them if you can. It’s better to have a less stressed worker than one who is slowly becoming neurotic because of all the extra duties that you took on at the office.
Take a breather
Take a deep breath and slow down. Setting aside time for you to relax and catch your breath does wonders in relieving stress. Try picking up a book, reading an article online or something else that’s entertaining. You could even try talking with your friends or colleagues after work just to vent and talk about your day.
Always keep in mind that it is better to take some time out for yourself than to let the evils of stress tear you down. Relieving that stress can only help you in the long run.

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