Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby Dolphins Killed By Oil Spill?

Scientists trying to determine the death of baby dolphins

60 baby Bottlenose dolphins have been found dead along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, and because the average gestational period for the bottlenose dolphin correlates with the massively devastating BP oil spill in the same area, it’s easy to assume 185 million gallons of toxic oil spilled into the ocean had something to do with it.

The decomposing dolphin fetuses have been washing up along the coast since Jan. 1, and some scientists are expecting this trend through May.

It’s also not just the dolphins that have possibly suffered from the tidal wave of spewing oil from BP’s offshore drilling, a recent study of the area around the spill by University of Georgia scientist Samantha Joye found dead corals, found dead crabs and sea stars scattered on the sea floor, along with strings of bacterial slime that created what she called an "invertebrate graveyard."

Research is obviously still being conducted to find out if BP is to blame for the horrific graveyard scene scattered along the Gulf’s beaches, but the shear unusually large amount of dead baby dolphins located where the oil spilt pushes me to guess that maybe BP did have something to do with this situation.

Surely more than four months of oil spilling into the ocean will do some type of damage to the oceanic life in the Gulf of Mexico, and although federal officials and BP have scaled back the cleanup, Louisiana officials say they're still seeing oil washing ashore.

There are a number of people who were exposed to the toxic chemicals in the Gulf that have ended up seriously ill. Some of those people will also suffer long term affects from their contact with the oil during the spill. Further research is being conducted on this subject too, but all of these deaths and illnesses can’t all be coincidence can they?

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