Sunday, February 13, 2011

What Will It Be, Taxes Or Cuts?

Ted Rall / For the L.A. Times
I was reading an article on Mercury News about Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to extend taxes and the $1.4 billion in higher education cuts that he also proposed when I came across this line within the text,

“Before a hearing at the Capitol Monday, California State University Chancellor Charles Reed said Brown told him and UC President Mark Yudoff ‘if this doesn't pass, we'll come back and cut more.’”

Right now, even before the proposed $1.4 billion cut, higher education in California is already struggling to keep afloat with what little they have. It took me two years to get into a pre-requisite English class at Cal Poly Pomona and I have met so many sixth and seventh year students on campus that my current intension of graduating in four years seems a little farfetched.

We have a $25 billion deficit sitting on our shoulders in California and smiles, confetti and wishing it all away won’t fix this problem.

There is a need for a two-thirds vote from both legislative houses to put the revenues up for a vote in June. If this doesn’t pass, the cuts would double, and anyone looking for that pre-requisite English class at Cal Poly Pomona should just give up hope of ever being able to get in.

Both Reed and Yudoff tried to avoid tuition increases for this year, but if the tax extension fails, students will have to fork up another arm and a leg to cover the costs.

I just really hope that the people of California can get to the point where we can accept the raising of taxes and leave higher education alone. California's colleges have suffered more than enough already.

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