Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Who should take on Obama in 2012?

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I really love pogobat's serious take on this topic.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

A College Conspiracy?

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A growing number of people are claiming the belief that Americans with college degrees earn $1 million more in lifetime income compared to high school graduates without a college degree is just a myth as talk surrounding the rising cost of college tuition bubble up.

The documentary, “College Conspiracy,” presented by the National Inflation Association calls for students at the University to drop out because it “just isn’t worth it” despite the majority of the population, with and without a college degree, believing otherwise.

“People with a college education tend to be unemployed or a shorter amount of time than people with just a high school degree, said professor Sandra Emerson, MPA Director of Political Science at Cal Poly Pomona. “When the economy went south in 2008 there was a tendency for individuals with only high school diplomas to be the ones who were unemployed first and stayed unemployed longer. Those people went back to school because they realized their options were limited. It doesn’t mean people with a college education don’t go back to school, but you path is clearer during economic downturns.”

Regardless of how much more you would make as a college graduate, actually having a degree is far more beneficial to anyone dabbling in the job force than anyone just trying to reach, and keep that success, without it.

“Many folks without degrees have high salaries, but on average, the opportunities available to degree holders are substantially, experientially (if not quantifiably) much greater,” said Professor David Speak, Chair of Political Science Department Cal Poly Pomona in an email

According to a report done by the U.S. Census Bureau entitled “The Big Pay Off: Educational Attainment and Synthetic Estimates of Work-Life Earnings, a college master’s degree is worth $1.3 million more in lifetime earnings than a high school diploma, but that extra value of having a degree is worth far more than just the extra $1.3 million.

“Whether that [$1 million] figure is 'accurate' or not seems to miss the point,” said Speak. “You might luck out and have an uncle who will hire you without a degree—or a complete stranger, for that matter.  But your own first person experience could probably corroborate the advantage that having a degree gives you in seeking employment in the first place.”

You can essential do any number of things with a college degree, but if you happened to enter the job force as a plumber you’re only limited to plumbing. In an economic downturn, having a degree opens you up to more options better marketing your own self.

“The purpose of college is to invest in students’ human capital and to advance their own innate potential,” said Emerson. “The problem is giving you a better opportunity is not guaranteeing too make a $1 million. It’s an opportunity to invest human capital in the hopes that greater investment will result in greater productivity.”

It’s a widely accepted notion that college gives future job seekers that extra boost when trying to break into the “real world.” Students not only receive the added skills necessary to think and communicate in a clear and intelligible way, but they have something that can be used to better themselves and their chances for success in life, and it’s something that nobody can ever take away from you.

Friday, May 20, 2011

What A Great Reason to Call CPS

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According to WebMD, Botox is the brand name of a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. In large amounts, this toxin can cause botulism, which you probably associate with food poisoning. Despite the fact that one of the most serious complications of botulism is paralysis, scientists have discovered a way to use it to human advantage. Small, diluted amounts can be directly injected into specific muscles causing controlled weakening of the muscles.

Why the hell would you put that in an 8-year-old’s face? You have to be completely brain dead to believe that it was a good idea to purposely inject a highly toxic substance, that will in no doubt ruin anyone’s face, just because you mistaken your daughter’s dimples for wrinkles.

Well good thing this nutter took pictures of her stupidity. Kerry Campbell admitted on national television to injecting her eight-year-old daughter with Botox and eve showed the pictures of her pricking her child, IN THE FACE, with huge needle full of crap.

The beautician from Birmingham, England, who lives in San Francisco, declined to tell "Good Morning America" where she got the drug but said it was a trusted source (because that just sounds safe).

"My friends think it's cool I have all the treatments and they want to be like me” said 8-year-old Britney. “I check every night for wrinkles, and when I see some I want more injections…the injections used to hurt, but now I don't cry much."

Her saint of a mother even convinced her into wanting a breast and nose job so she can "be a star." Great job on the parenting Kerry.

Botox shots are already known to be painful and any person with an ounce of common sense knows that this procedure isn’t recommended for anyone under 18 for COSMETIC purposes.
Now, apparently, the girl is no longer living with her—thank God.

A source close to the girl told ABC News that she is not living with her mother, and she is doing well. According to ABC News' Good Morning America, Campbell has lost custody of her child and is under investigation (for very good reasons mind you).

I hope this story shows other parents who may be thinking about pumping up their children with toxins to just lay off it and let kids be kids.

Friday, May 13, 2011

School Is Too Expensive, Just Drop Out Now

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Wait? What? According to Billionaire libertarian businessman Peter Thiel, the founder and former CEO of PayPal, all college should just drop out by the age of 20.

But Jasmine, won’t we have a growing population of uneducated individuals floating around in our nation further effecting the American economy? Yes, yes we will.

This is all saying that students at the University level actually follow Thiel’s suggestion and take his money.

Last year, the billionaire launched the Thiel fellowship, which gives grants as large as $100,000 to 20 tech entrepreneurs who drop out of college by age 20 to pursue their own ideas.

Earlier this year, Thiel was reported in a National Review interview saying that higher education is a "bubble in the classic sense," because education is "overpriced," something people have "an intense belief in," and an investment that's unlikely, in the majority of cases, to have a positive return. He even stated his opinion again in April at TechCrunch blaming the "financial disaster" of student loan debt surpassing credit card debt. But this shouldn’t be a reason to just drop out right?

I get it; people are frustrated that they have to pay an arm and a leg to go to college. Heck, I’m frustrated that I have to pay an arm and a leg to attend a University, but I’m probably not going to just drop out.

Education was never meant to be a sure fire deal that said you were going to make loads of cash. It was put in place to actually educate anyone who was willing to learn. It’s called a place for higher learning not a place to obtain a higher stack of cash in your wallet.

What Thiel could have done was used the money that he wanted to give to college dropouts to help finance vocational schools or other programs that those people who graduate after high school can attend to quickly learn much needed skills for a lifelong trade.

Simply handing out money without is somewhat irresponsible on Thiel’s part.  There’s a skills gap growing in our nation because the future generation is just brushing off all forms of education beyond high school.

A four year University isn’t the only option for learning, but if you develop the mindset that school equals money then you will be disappointed. School is for learning.

Now obviously it would be nice to end up making bank at Bill Gates status, but shouldn’t you be going to college because you want to learn? If your soul purpose in life was simple just to get rich quick, then maybe you should let someone else take your spot in college and take Thiel up on his offer.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Would You Eat Bugs?

Would you eat bugs? There’s a question that you wouldn’t ask someone during normal conversation. In a YouTube video titled by the same name, video blogger, pogobat, does just that.

The question stems from a question sent in by a user who brings up the topic of the growing demand for food (mainly meat products in general). 

As the world grows in population and a greater number of nations accept a more Western diet, meat is rising to the top of the high-in-demand list.

Hillary Clinton on food prices (Article): http://bloom.bg/ma56P1

The solution to this problem, if the world ever fell into this predicament where they were not able to supply the world with its demand in meat, was to eat bugs.

The crunchy critters are known to be nutritional and compacted with protein, fatty acids, and for some vitamins and minerals, they cost less to farm than other animal products, and they’re better for the environment, so why not bite into a bug?

The cost of food is nearing the point of being out of hand, but will the world of burgers and fries shift over to cockroach filled sandwiches?

“We must act now cooperatively and collaboratively to blunt the impact of rising food prices,” Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State said, speaking to about 400 international delegates at the FAO, an arm of the United Nations in Rome.

Already prices for staples such as corn and rice this year surged to the highest level in more than two years. The Food and Agriculture Organization’s index of 55 commodities rose to 232.1 points in April, down from an all-time high of 237.2 in February. You even see the meat industry struggling as companies like Tyson Foods, who said on May 9, that its second-quarter earnings were flat compared to last year, and higher feed costs offset demand and raised meat prices.

It’s an issue that will need to be solved, whether we immediately change our diets to something like vegetarianism or not, before we’re pushed to the point where those grasshoppers that are outside your window really start to sound good.