Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Would You Eat Bugs?

Would you eat bugs? There’s a question that you wouldn’t ask someone during normal conversation. In a YouTube video titled by the same name, video blogger, pogobat, does just that.

The question stems from a question sent in by a user who brings up the topic of the growing demand for food (mainly meat products in general). 

As the world grows in population and a greater number of nations accept a more Western diet, meat is rising to the top of the high-in-demand list.

Hillary Clinton on food prices (Article):

The solution to this problem, if the world ever fell into this predicament where they were not able to supply the world with its demand in meat, was to eat bugs.

The crunchy critters are known to be nutritional and compacted with protein, fatty acids, and for some vitamins and minerals, they cost less to farm than other animal products, and they’re better for the environment, so why not bite into a bug?

The cost of food is nearing the point of being out of hand, but will the world of burgers and fries shift over to cockroach filled sandwiches?

“We must act now cooperatively and collaboratively to blunt the impact of rising food prices,” Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State said, speaking to about 400 international delegates at the FAO, an arm of the United Nations in Rome.

Already prices for staples such as corn and rice this year surged to the highest level in more than two years. The Food and Agriculture Organization’s index of 55 commodities rose to 232.1 points in April, down from an all-time high of 237.2 in February. You even see the meat industry struggling as companies like Tyson Foods, who said on May 9, that its second-quarter earnings were flat compared to last year, and higher feed costs offset demand and raised meat prices.

It’s an issue that will need to be solved, whether we immediately change our diets to something like vegetarianism or not, before we’re pushed to the point where those grasshoppers that are outside your window really start to sound good.

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