Friday, June 10, 2011

Meet Your Meat and Drop the Torture

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I read an article, Zuckerberg: Just go Vegetarian Already, the other day about Mark Zuckerberg and meat-eaters. The author, Jake Richardson, talked about Mark Zuckerberg and his personal challenge that led him to kill animals by himself for meat, instead of letting a slaughterhouse or butcher do it. “CNN quoted him as saying he has learned a lot about sustainable farming and raising animals,” which I believe great.
Richardson, however, pointed out although some articles have indicated this approach is more honest, when it comes to “ending an animal’s life to make it into dinner that there is no ‘kindest’ way to do it.”
That’s where I would have to disagree.
You can talk to people about the many health and environmental reasons of why people should go vegetarian, but no matter how hard you try, not everyone will give up meat.
To be honest, even though I’m a vegetarian, I have to agree with what Zuckerberg is doing. Like the many other individuals living around the world, Zuckerberg is taking the time to find out where his meat is coming from.
I admire the fact that he is eating locally (which avoids the leveling 55 square feet of rain forest for a single meal or dumping 2,400 gallons of water down the drain) and that he knows that what he is actually consuming was once a living creature.
Now I’m not going to go a “crazy-Avatar-fangirl” on you but James Cameron explained my standpoint in such a poetic way. The majority of meat-eaters in America aren’t very sure of where their meat comes from. “Animals are abused, mistreated, and slaughtered every day so we can eat meat. They suffer so we can have a cheese burger from McDonalds; chickens are treated inhumanely so we can have chicken nuggets although we don’t have to.
We take more than they need, never really acknowledge where it comes from, and we never give enough back to the environment to help sustain ourselves for the future.
Don’t get me wrong though, people have eaten meat for thousands of years whether they were designed to eat meat or not. You’re not going to convince Mark Zuckerberg or a simple farmer living up in the mountains of Tibet to stop eating meat, because they’re not torturing any of the animals that they eat.
I don’t have a problem with meat-eaters. I just have a problem with meat-eaters who know exactly where their meat comes from (or chooses to be in the dark on the issues) and continue with their poor environmental/ethical choices by doing nothing about it.
Knowing where your food comes from and eating locally raised meat is a great start to get on my nice list. Avoid factory farming and eat sustainably, not just because it’s great for the animals and the environment, but because it’s also healthier for you. 

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