Friday, July 15, 2011

Relieving Stress Through Yoga

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Stress happens to all of us. We become overwhelmed with our hectic schedules and often can’t find the time to just sit down and take a breather. But too much stress can wreak havoc on our health if we don’t manage it properly.

Poorly managed stress can manifest itself in a variety of symptoms like sleep disturbances, muscle tension, headaches, anxiety, fatigue and lack of energy. And many people under stress have a greater tendency to engage in unhealthy behaviors, such as excessive use or abuse of alcohol and drugs as well as poor nutritional choices than their less-stressed counterparts.

So how can you deal with stress?

Obviously avoiding stressful situations altogether would be the best option. But for those of us who can’t just up-and-quit our jobs and steer clear of the things that make our heads spin, we can relax in other ways.

Time management, setting priorities and sleep are just some of the ways we can deal with stress. Avoiding drugs and alcohol as well as thinking positive and exercising are even better ways to combat stress. A great way to relax with exercise is restorative yoga. Not only do take your mind away from your fast-paced life for a moment, you can also unwind from the stress and strengthen your body at the same time.

What do you get out of taking a restorative yoga class?

To answer some of my questions, I spoke with Gloria Escover who is a yoga instructor at Inner Body Works again. The studio is located downtown between “H” and “Eye,” one block from the Fox Theater. Inner Bodyworks is Bakersfield’s oldest, full-service, dedicated yoga studio who welcomes the community to the tradition of yoga.

By taking a restorative yoga class you learn how to relax and de-stress with simple poses. The class helps you restore your body whether you’re recovering from an illness or a surgery. It helps you stretch and strengthen your body with gentle exercises that can include the use of blankets, comfortable blocks and bolsters used like pillows.

Who is the class for?

Anyone can take this class. It doesn’t matter if you’re out-of-shape or you’re an experienced yogi looking for a way to manage your stress. The class is a great way to dip into yoga as a beginner. It’s a non intense class that gently restores your body over time.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for the class by calling the studio at 661.324.1808. And for more information, you can email them at You can also keep up with Inner Body Works on their blog.
And just remember that stress can really hinder your body from being healthy. But with the right tools you can manage stress with ease and perform at your optimum level of fitness.

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