Friday, August 26, 2011

The Diet Book For Toddlers

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Imagine tucking in your 6 year old daughter into bed, you grab a short children’s book and you begin to clear your throat to start reading, but instead of light-hearted story about pink ponies or courageous princesses you start reading a story about an overweight teen wishing to lose weight.

Would you read this to your young and impressionable child? I probably wouldn’t. The book, 'Maggie Goes on a Diet,' by author Paul Kramer isn’t your typical children’s book. Maggie’s diet journey, meant to encourage teens to make healthier choices, actually isn’t really going over so well.

The book starts off with Maggie being teased in school for her weight, she has no friends and she eats to cope with all of the taunting. It’s only after Maggie looses the weight that she starts making new friends and becomes popular—great message right?

This picture book targets young readers from the ages of 2 through 8, and with the way the story is written, it’s easier for children to misinterpret the original message and obtain a negative body image or major eating disorders.

I think the author of this book really did have good intentions when writing Maggie’s story, but after reviewing the book it seems as though there could have been another way to go about this. What do you think?

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  1. This is ridiculous! I can understand writing a book about teaching kids to eat healthier, but making the main character popular after she looses weight is sending the wrong message to children of all ages!!


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