Friday, August 5, 2011

Health Food Only For The Rich

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Whenever I go to the store and try to buy healthier food options I always feel as though the cashier is secretly robbing me of all my money. I begin wondering why I have to sell my first born to pay for a couple of carrots and for a brief moment I even consider just rushing through the drive through, and my suspicion of being robbed is pretty much justified by a recent study.

According to the Journal Health Affairs, it costs at least an extra $7.28 a week to eat healthy and an extra $380 a year for those darn carrots. With the latest update of U.S. nutritional guidelines "My Plate," formally known as the food pyramid, calling on Americans to eat more fresh foods containing potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin D and calcium, even more frustrated shoppers will be tacking on hundreds more dollars to their annual grocery bill.

So what’s an angry shopper to do? Well, the frustration can be relieved somewhat with visiting the local farmer’s market, buying more locally and getting involved with the new trend of growing your own food if you can find the time. The $400 bill made up of organic carrots usually only gets that high when you’re shopping at grocery stores that ship and truck their food long distances. The angry shoppers dropping top dollar at the register isn’t just paying for the lack of chemicals soaking into your fruit, but the gas, time and extra money it took to get it from the farm to the store.

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